Forest Exploitation: Selection, exploitation & replanting

From exploitation permits to forest conservation, EFM is ready with years of experience and expertise. Our modern machinery ensures we can complete any job safely and completely.


It is a romantic notion to think that everything in the forest has an eternal life. Just as in a human life, in nature there are cycles of emergence, birth, growth and flourishing to eventual die-off. From a forestry point of view, there may therefore be various needs to start harvesting wood. Rejuvenation of the forest, lighting and growth opportunities for young shoots to shoot through. Harvesting mature trees ready for production. The removal of dead wood to avoid calamities such as mass deaths, forest fires, etc. The first approach for us as a wood trader is the search for quality wood or production wood.
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The commencement of an exploitation will always take place with the greatest respect for the nature present, the owners and the objectives that are prioritized. Since we are thoroughly familiar with all current forestry legislation, we also offer guidance in obtaining all necessary permits. Over the years we have increasingly specialized in cutting trees with a view to obtain a profitable harvest of wood. To this end, we have a modern machine park with which we always get every job done in a completely safe way. We are also able to remove tree stumps, chip residual wood and mill sites.


For us, cutting down trees is only 1 phase in the forestry process. Maintaining, and better yet, expanding timber stocks is a logical goal for us. There are several legitimate interests in and for nature, but from our point of view there will always be a commitment against any change of use that is at the expense of future wood supplies and production wood. Because the use of wood is increasing worldwide, partly driven by social developments. Wood provides important solutions to issues surrounding raw material, climate change, insulation requirements, nitrogen problems, CO2 storage, etc.. In current periods of prolonged drought, our forests face great difficulties and challenges. That is why you, as a forest owner, can come to us for independent advice about the future of your forest and safeguarding a profitable harvest of wood.
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Count onEFM's expertise

We like to share our passion for wood with our customers. You can always count on EFM for advice. Over the years, EFM has specialized in the trade of production wood for professional processors worldwide. From our experience we know perfectly which wood will meet your expectations.